Preparation of acetanilide from aniline

Preparation of acetanilide from aniline

Preparation  of Acetanilide C6H5NHCOCH3 from aniline. Preparation acetanilide aniline.

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Acetanilide Molecule





Preparation method:

Preparation of acetanilide from aniline. Aniline is refluxed with glacial acetic acid in the presence of fused sodium acetate when acetanilide is obtained. This is the method used in the preparation  of acetanilide from aniline.

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Chemicals Required

1. Freshly distilled aniline 5 mL
2. Glacial acetic acid 6 mL
3. Freshly fused sodium acetate 2 g


About 5 ml of aniline, 6 ml  glacial acetic acid and 2 grams fused sodium acetate are taken in a round bottom flask. Make sure the mouth of the flask,  is fitted with a long air condenser and the mixture is gently re-fluxed,  by heating the contents of the round bottom flask on a wire gauze.  Continue the heating for 2 to 3 hours.

The mixture is poured while hot into 100 mL of cold water. contained in a beaker with constant  stirring. Filter the cooled mixture using a Buschner funnel. The slightly colored substance is dissolved in about 150 mL of boiling water, heated with 1 gram of animal charcoal (or activated charcoal) and filtered through a hot water funnel. Allow the filterate to cool.  Now the precipitated acetanilide is filtered, washed with a small quantity of water and dried. The yield and the melting point determined.

Theoretical yield: of acetanilide is about 5.5 gram
Melting point: of acetanilide is 114 degrees Celsius

Acetanilide Crystals

Acetanilide Crystals







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